Saturday, December 22, 2007

Simple Beginnings

If you're reading this, then you probably have a Blog. If you do, then you're probably one of the people who would say, "Oh, you didn't know? Well... it was on our blog." And I would say, "Oh, i should make me one of those." So, there's the story. The rest is history.

So... You probably want to know what i'm doing with my life. If not, you probably would have stopped reading by now. With that said, here I go:

I'm a fresh 22 years of age, living in beautiful Mesa, AZ. I just finished a year and a half at MCC (Mesa Community College), and i'm planning on continuing my pursuit of Psychology after the winter intersession. I'm working full time in a shop, crafting the frames you'll see on, and i spend all my spare time with my beautiful girlfriend Angela.

That's the basic foundation of my life. In intricate details are quite fantastic, but those will come as i continue to update.

Thanks for reading.