Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Christmas Bonus

Crazy Christmas indeed. So, i get a call on the 27th from my boss explaining to me that there is no more work. The shop was bought out and we all got layed off. Turns out that the term "Family Business" doesn't mean much these days and everyone is looking to make a buck. So i'm out of a job. Merry Christmas. I was relying on that job to help me move out in January and now, those planns are shot and my school plans for next semester are frustrated untill i figure out my work situation. Basically, my life will be stagnant for a while...

On a lighter note: Happy New Year! I celebrated by going to the Tempe Block Party with Angela and some friends. The main attraction and reason we went was for the Bare Naked Ladies, who performed awesomly. Some lady tried to crowd surff over my head and ended up bludgering my ear with her heal, so Angela's huge brother-in-law ended up lobbing her into the isle. Right on her rump. Then she was escorted out by security. Quite funny.

So, the first thing i did this year was kiss Angela right on the mouth. It was my first time kissing someone at midnight, and truthfully, i hope she's there for all the rest of my New Years. I'm not going to get all sappy, so enough said.

So, it's a new year. What now, hu? I was thinking on the way home in the car today about what my resolution was going to be. I thought about being more healthy and i remembered something Geoff said about not drinking soda and then i remembered how much i liked soda and discarded that option.

I decided that my new year's resolution was to make sure that i did what made me happy. I've been around and thru enough to know the difference between what brings temporary pleasures and what brings lasting happiness and so i'm going to trust myself from now on. I'm going to go with what my gutt tells me and stop trying to be a people pleaser. I'm a very stubborn 22 and it's about time i put my piece where it fits in the puzzle.

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