Monday, January 14, 2008

More or Less than Stagnant

Is movement more or less than stagnant? I couldn't decide. Anyway...

So, i'm registered for school. In fact, today is my first day at school and it's been interesting. I have four classes:
  • Anthropology: Bones, Stones & Evolution
  • Psychology: Reserch Methods
  • Finite Math
  • English
  • Dance: Hip Hop

Okay, so I said four. I haven't signed up for the dance class yet, but there is a reason. I'm currently signed up for about 26 credit hours because of whatever, i don't know, moving on. I'll end up with 15 by the end of today. I took the dance class last semester and it was amazing fun. I would always talk about it and my family and girlfriend's family came to see me perform when it was all done and my dad got so excited that he signed up for it. Yes, John Wyatt is in a college Hip Hop dance class. I didn't think i could take the class because of my schedule, but it all got rearranged just this morning and i had time. So... i grabbed my gym bag and plan to surprise my dad by showing up to and signing up for his dance class. I think he'll really like that.

*I have my performance on video on my home computer and on my facebook. I'll see if i can upload it later.

So my anthropology class is a lab science which means it goes from 1 - 3:30, but today was the first day, so we just went over the syllabus and left, which left me a plethera of time untill my next class at 4:45. I wondered around, went to the institute, did my english homework (online class), ate, and whent to my 4:45 Psychology Research class where i met the department heads who were there to tell me my teacher was sick and they'll let us know if wednesday is canceled as well. So here i am blogging... Waiting for dance at 7. So, basically, i had a 45 minute class at 1 and i've been in limbo ever sence. Interesting day.

School [Check]

Job [Anyone have any leads?]

I could probably get one myself, but... I'm really not motivated to work retail or whatever jobs people have in highschool, although i'm not too pridefull to comply if that's my only option.