Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Word of Warning

So, if you get robbed, you need to change banks. Not just cancel the card and open a new one. I'll tell you why:

You probably know that i got robbed. Perhaps i'll post the story later, it's quite exciting. They just started taking my money. They wrote 3 checks as if they were from a 3rd party written to me and they cashed them using my ID, so a grand total of $2200 has been taken from me. The bank is working on it. In the meantime, i can't access my money, so i have about $12 to my name. Suck a lot. So, with my ID, they can find my money anywhere. So once this is resolved, i'm changing banks.

School is good. I'm sad there was no class on Mondays because that is the only day i have my dance class.

Still no job. I'm not sure what i want/can have as long as a job anyway. I'll find something.

And girlfriend's birthdays are hard to shop for. Amen.