Saturday, February 9, 2008

New: Header, Phone & $$

Do you like my header? I made it myself :)

& I got the $2,200 back that was fraudulantly taken from me. That makes me happy. I just need to go to the bank now and fight to get my 12 overdraft charges taken off. The bank lady told me that that would be easy to go because the bank accknowledges that it was fraud. I'm happy.

Monday is the day that Verizon bribes us to keep our contract with them by giving us $100 credit towards a new phone. I'm pretty excited. I think i have 3 options.

1) The Juke
*Great for Music

All qualities i really like. but it has a crapy camera and i don't think it has external speekers decent for music; which i'm going to have to really think about.

2) The enV
*Big screen
*Better Camera that I have now
*Decent for music
*Keypay (which i'm not so fond of)

But this thing is huge. Roughly 5x2x1. Yuck. Immagine that in my pocket. Iiiiii'm going to have to think about that.

3) LG VX8300 (Keep the one i have)
*Decent screen
*Decent Camera
*Decent for music

But... i've had it for a long time... and... i really want the Juke.