Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Plunder & Pillage

I feel like sharing my experience with thievery. It is quite an exciting story really.

So... it was very late at night... early in the morning December 10th and Angela and I were leaving her parents to go home. We each had our separate cars parked in the neighborhood parking lot. It was cold and rainy, so to say our goodbyes we got into the backseat of my car and wrapped up in the blanket i had in my car that i used to move a table into her new place. She was cold and wet and tired, so we were just laying there all cuddly. If we were making out, i would say so. I'm not ashamed. Although you can think what you want :P

So, there we were: Lying in the car when i heard a noise and then some voices so i turned to see people and flashlights IN my car. In was intensely angry and violated, so i roared at them with intense vigor and launched myself into the front seat after them as they grabbed what they could and fled my car. I quickly discovered that they had taken stuff, said a few choice words and took off thru the parking lot after them.

I ran thru the rainy parking lot in my socks screaming who knows what kind of angry nonsense at these two hoodlums, and just as i was closing in, the farther ahead of the two calls frantically back the other and says, "Shoot him!" Over and over, "Just shoot him!" It didn't register at once what was going on, but when the one closest to me stopped running away and turned to face me with the other one telling him over and over to "Just shoot him," it clicked and i stopped running and put my hands up. I told them i had nothing, letting them know i couldn't defend myself and i started backing away when they began to peruse me back to my car. I didn't look back, but got back into my car as fast as i could, having to pull the blanket back in which i had trailed out the door as i ran. I finally got the doors locked, but i was just so frantic and shaky that i couldn't get a hold of the keys to get them into the ignition. I looked around and the guys were outside the car, still a distance away, obviously trying to decide weather to come after me or make a break for it. It didn't take them long to choose the latter.

Once they were leaving, i assessed what had been taken. Once i told Angela that they had taken her purse, phone, and wallet, she lost it and wanted to go after them. Luckily the door where she was didn't work properly and she couldn't open it. Plus, she had me holding her back telling her that they threatened to shoot me. Weather or not they actually had a gun is debatable, but nevertheless, i wasn't going to risk my life and especially not my girlfriends life for any kind of material possession.

They also got my wallet and at the time i thought they got my phone, but it turns out that they dropped my phone and my keys as they were escaping, which made me feel very badly that Angela lost everything and i only lost my wallet.

We did all the canceling of cards and calling of police etc... The End.