Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Snow & Bugs

So, the Juke sucks. It has horrible picture capabilities and not very user friendly interface, not to mention its tiny keypad which i thought i was going to get used to. So i'm returning it and getting my old phone back.

I'm getting my hair done tomorrow. I've showed Amanda this picture and she told me to bring it to the appt. and that's what we're going to do. I'm excited. We'll see what it ends up being like because my hair isn't as straight or as dark as his. I've done something similar before, so I'm confident it will look good.

*So... Updates:

I went do the snow with Angela and her family. It was really fun. I'm glad i went. We made a huge snowman whome we called Lum after one of the old people that Angela takes care of at the assisted living place. Someone on the hill with us gave us this strange strip of what i would guess was roofing where one side was slick tar and the other side was gritty. It was long and rectangular and great for sliding down the hill. And of course we couldn't leave without having a decent snowball fight.

I got a call from RM Jobs while i was at school and they interviewed me for the job i "applied" for. I didn't remember applying for it and i told mom when i got home and she told me that she had applied for me. I was a bit upset, but... they like me (of course) and i took the job. It's a summer thing, so training will start soon and then off i go, knocking doors selling pest controll. I know, i know. Door to door sales. I'm perfectly aware, but it pays well and i've learned to appreciate money.