Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Martha and the Hallway

So Martha had her 177,777th birthday yesterday. Quite a lucky birthday. Martha is the name of my car. She's quite beautiful for her age except she has a little pigmentation disorder on her nose and scalp, but I still love her very much. She does her job very well dispite the funny noises. I can't blame her for making embarrassing noises in her old age; it happens to the best of us.
Happy Birthday Martha :)

I told you about the hallway. Here it is. Take a look and imagine walking down that on the way to an interview or your first day of work. It's very... ominous? There are no doors on the right untill the very end: that's my door. And on the left there are the bathrooms and a couple, widly spaced doors. Quite exciting. Thought I'd share.