Friday, May 2, 2008

Birthdays, Summer & Anniversaries

I'm not sure what I'm going to write about, but i haven't written in a while, so here i go.


My birthday was the other day. The day of my birthday was pretty crappy actually because i had a pretty stressful final project due the next day. Oh well. That was my last day of school. Friday... i guess tonight... I have my dance performance at 7. I'm pretty nervous actually. We learned a dance at the beginning of the semester and then on the last day of class, the teacher pulls it out again and says that we're doing it in our performance... i'm quite nervous. I'm sure my nervs will calm for the performance though because i do know the dances pretty well and we're going to have a quick run thru before we go out there. I have my Anthropology final on wednesday at 2 and then I'm done with school for this semester. I'm not a good student and i didn't do well this semester, i must confess. I just let a lot of little things distract me.

Life goes on. I'm planning on working as much as i can this summer. If Gary, my boss, doesn't take me on full time, i'll try and get another part time job. Why not? i don't want to be sitting around all the time.


I got distracted. Back to my birthday. So, the saturday before my birthday i had a little party at my house. Someone brought Rock Band so that pretty much monopolized the party. We tried to go out and play volleyball with the new ball i bought, but it was too dark. And just for future reference, if you're ever over at my house and want to play volleyball, just let me know and i'll probably drop what i'm doing and go play. I like volleyball a lot. You probably didn't know that.

Then on Sunday night, the family gathered at Geoff and Jamie's and we had my favorite dinner. Roast, cooked carrots, mashed potatoes and red jello. Angela was there and some other family i didn't know. Stefanie got me some very nice facial cleansers. She knew i wanted some. It's nice to have the Mary Kay connection. And Geoff and Jamie got me a super-nice BB gun. Mom says that i can't shoot it in our backyard, but what she doesn't know, can't hurt her. Angela gave me a posh MP3 player with a rediculous about of media capability and Clark helped me with putting movies on it. Fun times. And mom got a Wii. haha... I'm spoiled rotten.Angela:

To me it's late Thursday night, but technically, it's friday the 2nd which is mine and Angela's 6 month anniversary. Go us :)


I changed to Chase Bank after Wells Fargo failed misserably at handling my fraud case. I like Chase a lot sofar. It's a very user friendly bank. Very simple and comforting. Everything i've experience sofar has been very clean and smooth... and not cluttered. It feels good. Like the bank isn't doing much else other than managing my money. And that's the whole point of having a bank. To me it always felt like Wells Fargo was cluttred like a really old computer that has all these files on it that you know you used once, but aren't really sure what they're for now and are affraid to delete it, so all of a sudden you're getting error mesages saying that you're running out of room... Oh yeah, that's my computer.