Friday, May 2, 2008


I know I've already posted and it's late and i should go to bed... but i was thinking. I don't think that many if any of my readers will appreciate this the way that i do, but this is the latest Spawn figure. Chris Pittman just showed it to me.

His name was Al Simmons. He was a CIA member who resigned because of corruption in the system. In his anger, he beat his wife. He was then assassinated by the CIA leader who he disagreed with and then was sent to hell where he makes a deal with "the devil" that he will be reborn as Hellspawn if he can see his wife once more. He is given the chance and thus he is reborn with all of hell's magic. He is still free to choose for himself and ends up being the champion of the downtrodden, spending his heroic days serving the bums and impoverish. The story goes on and on and gets pretty detailed, but the beginnings are the most important anyway. So, basically, he's a good guy empowerd by... the devil.I like Spawn a lot. So contradictory, yet he is such a simple person. Such an obviously evil and ominous presence, but he's still the champion of good... or sometimes bad. He's so imperfect, yet heroic.

Those are all pictures of the same guy. His name is Spawn and he IS the good guy. That's the point.