Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Body Jam & Guitar

So... I have some time and I've been meaning to post about this, so here i go. Please do read my next post too :)

My Body Jam interview went well. I went into one of the workout rooms with the Group Fitness leader, Kelli, and she hooked up her iPod and i just had to bounce to show her I could keep a beat. Turns out that some people try out who can't, so that was pretty easy. Then I signed up for the training and participated in the class. I hope you're all getting excited about coming to my classes.

In other news, I've taken up the guitar. A lot of things inspired me. I've always liked the guitar and I've wanted to be "that guy." You know... So i went up to my dad a few weeks ago and asked if he could give me lessons. We've had our 3rd just yesterday and i can honestly say that I've learned a lot already. This is the type of guitar i'm learning on.