Friday, June 13, 2008


So, i haven't written in a long while. I'll catch up slowly.

I went to California the end of last month to see my friend Chris Pittman get married. The weather was beautiful of course. Angela came with me and we had lots of fun.

The wedding was at the San Diego Temple and the reception at the Orange Stake Center. It was like i was home. It was a great feeling the whole time. Chris was all smiles and the old gang was talking and laughing the whole time. I was one of the groomsmen and they took a lot of fancy pics of us, so once i get my hands on them, i'll be sure to post the good ones.

Geoff, Jamie & Lucy joined Angela and I and we all went to Newport beach and made a sand castle so big that the other kids at the beach asked us how we did it. I told them, "A lot of digging." While making it, i got a pretty intense sunburn. Once we got home and i didn't have Angela there putting stuff on it everyday, it pealed off. Pretty sad.

Also, we went to Summer's birthday party, Josh's girl. She was scared of me as usual, so i didn't bother her, but what was funny was that while making my way over to Luke to ask him where Hunter was, i had to avoid this little kid running right in front of me. When i asked Luke, he pointed at the kid i almost ran over. I had to go right up to him and look him in the face before i recognized him. I couldn't believe that it was him. He's so big. Crazy how kids grow so fast.