Monday, June 23, 2008

Dance: Old & New


This is the extremly long video of my last dance performance. This happened in May. I think i blogged about it, but never posted it and that's because i just got this video from my friend and fellow dancer, Julie. So to recap this performance, i must say that i was happy to be in a smaller class this semester. The teacher was great. His name was Buddy. He was new and didn't know the program, so he taught us a whole bunch of little dances thru the semester and then the last couple classes were about putting it together into a big routine and it turned out great. There were some difficult steps and we spent a lot of time practicing backstage before the performance so that we got it down nicely and we had one of the ladies in the class standing infront keeping us on track, but i forgot she was there and didn't look at her once. I think i did pretty well concidering.

So I really like dancing. I even had thoughts of taking two dance classes next semester... but i wouldn't because that's irresponsible and i think i need to pass more acedemic classes before i have more fun classes.

So, this is Body Jam. It's a Cardio Dance Workout Class that they provide at Fitness Works Gym. My friend Matt Wright started teaching the class quite a while ago and invited me to his first class and i loved it, so i signed up but stopped after a while for whatever reason; school, lazy, work, etc. i don't know. A couple weeks ago, Matt came to me again and told me that Fitness Works was looking for more Body Jam instructors and knew that i liked the class and had some dancing history. He called me up and gave me the information and i've contacted the people and i'm having my first interview tomorrow. I've decided that i really want to do it. It'll be a few months before i can teach a class, but i'll let you all know when and where for sure and you better come.

So that's my new venture. I'm pretty excited.