Tuesday, July 15, 2008


So this is the big one! I spent last Friday, Saturday & Sunday training to be a Group Fitness Instructor. The company is Les Mills and they have a lot of group fitness programs such as weight lifting, cycling, yoga and combat types of work outs and a few more, but my favorite: BodyJam.

BodyJam is a dance inspired cardio group fitness workout. About a year ago, my friend Matt trained to be an instructor. He invited me and a bunch of people to come to his class and i loved it enough to get a gym membership and start taking the classes. I stopped after a while because i got a job and a girlfriend and then school started. So i spent my free time loafing and not going to the gym.

Then a couple of months ago, Matt came to me again and said that they were looking for more Jam instructors and he knew that i enjoyed the class and had some dance experience. I thought about it and decided that it was definitely for me, so I spent the past weekend training. Training was like getting a degree. It gave me the tools i needed and the certification to start practicing. My next step will be to film myself teaching a class by myself and send it into the big guys to be reviewed. I have three months to do it. Then i will be a certified BodyJam instructor and will be able to get a job teaching at any gym in the world that has the program.

I'm very excited and I'm just giving you all a heads up because when it comes time for me to make my video, I'm going to call on all of you to come and participate in my class. Look forward to it within the next three months.

You can practice here and get a free pass. If you do, let me know and i'd love to go with you. Enjoy!