Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Currently Employed

"It's your store!"

It's MY store now! Muahaha!

Yeah, i got the job. I applied sometime last week and she called me on Monday while i was between classes and offered it to me. She started me at more than i thought she would and they said i need to keep it quiet from the other employees because none of the other cashiers start as high as i am. Deana, Angela's sister, said it was her doing, so this is my public "Thank you" for that. She is the bakery manager. Oh yeah. I'm a cashier.

So I've done my drug test and they will call me when they get the results. Probably today or tomorrow. Hopefully they wont be able to trace the bag of hash i had hidden in my... Anyway. I'm excited to start. I've had a lot of jobs that didn't last, so i plan to stay here as long as i can. Deana manages the bakery, goes to school and is a mom, so why not?

Never mind the goofy picture. I thought it was funny. I'm excited about my job and i'm sure i'll enjoy chatting with middle aged women all day :D