Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Multi-Purpose Me

So I love my job. It may not be big bucks, but it's enough to keep me happy. Other than that I love doing it. First of all it has it's downsides. My knees and back kill after standing there for 6 - 8 hours, and about half an hour into my shift, my throat starts getting tired and i get pretty weak in the voice quickly, so i suck on menthol all day which helps a bit. I don't know why my voice gets tired so quickly, but it's always been that way. So those are the downsides, but they are very much outweighed by the good things. I love people. I get to chat with people all day. All types of people. Everybody needs groceries, so there are no restrictions on what i might see coming thru my check stand. And contrary to what you might thing, and what i thought, everyone is so nice. I think i'm pretty good at manipulating the mood for the couple of minutes or less that i spend with each person, but everyone is pleasant if not happy to be there. I have had only one person get upset with me and that was because of some noob thing that happened and was unavoidable. It didn't bother me, they just got impatient, etc. So the customers are nice. A lot of them make jokes and understand that the checker appreciates a lively customer. Another thing i like is the people i work with. They're cool people. There is one cashier who is... a little magoo, but even he is cool in his own unique way. Then in the afternoon the courtesy clerks come, aka the baggers. They are high school kids and are all full of life and drama. Pretty fun.Another thing i like about Albersons is the variety. For example, i can pick up hours in any department i like besides the pharmacy of course. So far, i've only spent time in the bakery and that's because Deanna, Angela's sister, is the manager there. I don't talk to many customers back there and just do my job while chatting and joking with my coworkers. So I can mix things up a bit between cashiering and working in the bakery. I'm pretty happy. So, multi-purpose me.

And now for something completely different:

I'm in calculus. I know! enough said... but no. i have a story.

My teacher is eccentric. She paces the room while she talks so watching the class from her perspective would probably look like we're watching a tennis match. She's a decent teacher though, but she talks a lot w/out explaining things in great depth, you know? I did most of the homework, but not all and i didn't study until the last minute and i had a cram session and didn't feel like i was absorbing much, so i started playing video games. I went to the test in the testing center and forgot my calculator, so i panicked and then found it in my car. I was way nervous for the test and was preparing to fail. I started the test and the first part seemed to be going well and then before i knew it, it was over. I was so shocked when i turned the page and there was nothing else. I looked back and checked the backs of the pages and sure enough, i had finished, so i checked my answers and with a big grin on my face, i turned it in. Go me! It was easy! I'm happy. Easy first test. Confidence builder for the more difficult ones to come, no doubt.That was longer than i thought it would be. Thanks for reading it all! Go you! And vote on my presidential poll on the right of my blog please. I'm curious :)