Sunday, November 23, 2008

Autonomous Beginnings

So i've been job hunting pretty intensivly for quite some time now. Been to a couple interviews and got a lot of e-mail rejections. I figure i'm in an awkward spot. I'm a young adult; not young enough to do "teenager jobs" and not adult enough to do professional jobs. So there i am, right in the middle. I love albertsons but they hesitate to even give 30 hours and absolutly freak out if you take overtime so therefore it is not substancial.I had a day off on a wednesday after being quite busy, so i turned off my alarm and my phone. When i woke up midday i saw that i had a plethora of missed calls and messages. I checked them and turns out that the brother of eddie, the guy i'm living with, manages for a company that was having a job fair. I jumped out of bed and got all pretty and went down. I signed in when i got there, waited, applied online on their computers, waited, got interviewed, waited, got interviewed again by someone else, waited, took a computer test, & then waited. The woman who interviewed me first came out and told me they wanted to offer me the job and i didn't even have to think about it. The job is $11.57/hr base plus commissions. Minimum 40 hours a week. It's called Direct Alliance and other companies hire them as their call center. So my program will be taking all kinds of service and support calls from Charter and offering them what they need and upgrading pachages and selling whatever while they're talking to me, i'm not sure. Of course sales isn't the most desirable kind of job, but i'm confident i'll do when and i really don't care what i'm doing as long as i get the money i need to support myself and go to school in the fall.

I start my 5 week training course on december 1st, 8-5. It's going to be pretty crazy, but i'm way excited :)