Saturday, November 15, 2008

Job, House & ... Alcohol?

So I moved out! Go me.

No more school for now. Still doin' the Albertsons thing although I've been applying to a million places and I've had a couple interviews already. One tragic story is a story worth telling... So,I got an e-mail about a job fair/open house at an an auto loan claims call center so I applied for said company and went to their job fair. It was a 6 hour long open house and i got there 2 hours after it started. I signed in and waited in the lobby with a couple other people who were also applying. Then more and more people started filling up the lobby and i thought i was the big guy who signed in before all those schmucks. A woman came in and took us all into the building, thru the cubicles and into a conference room full with MORE people. So then I was a little disheartened, but i waited.Two and a half hours later and after making some friends i was called in for my interview, as they were going one at a time. I was lead into a cubicle where a man pulled up my file, took one look at my resume and said that all the level 1 positions had already been filled and they're only hiring people now who have 18+ months of experience. He then took 10 minutes of my time telling me about what the job would be like and encouraged me to come again in January. I thanked him and left. As i was leaving i was tempted to go into that conference room and warn the 50+ people who would wait another 2 1/2 hours to find out that they weren't even eligible for the remaining, unfilled positions unless they had 18+ months of experience because the people in charge felt fine about letting them sit there for hours with false hopes.

So yeah. I moved out. I'm sure you weren't satisfied with that one line so I'll elaborate. My reasons for leaving are controversial, so don't ask me. I live with some friends at Val Vista and Southern-ish area. Very close to work. It's nice. The house is a fixer-upper so none of the bedrooms have carpet right now. It's all good. I'm enjoying the adventure. I've helped them lay laminate dark wood paneling in the living room / study area. It runs thru the hall and in the family room. It's a nice, 3 bedroom place with a massive backyard with a pool with a slide and a spa, also a playground with a jungle gym and swing set setup thing. Pretty awesome. I've only been here a few days so i can't really go all feelings and philosophical on you about how it feels to be out. It's fun and an adventure.Work is great too. I'm branching out. I work a lot more now. Almost 30 hours every week... woopty doo. I do cashiering all my shifts but one, maybe two a week when i am in the bakery. I close the bakery by my self often. It's fun. I like cashiering better because i find myself being really comfortable up there being very friendly with the customers and being very professional, knowing how to trouble-shoot problems and appease customers without having to wait for a manager to come bail me out.Today i did something i hadn't done before. I was called into the liquor department to help out there. I went into the alcohol "walk-in" and saw more liquor in one glance than i have ever seen in my entire life. It was sticky and smelt funny. I rearranged some stuff and then helped the guy-in-charge stock the shelves with wines and rums and merlots... whatever those are. I also returned some crates to the Dairy Freezer. Did you know that when you are grabbing milk out of the shelf in the grocery store that you are actually reaching into a massive room filled with people and crates and tables and shelves and forklifts and endless supplies of milk? Can you imagine what that room smells like? Well... i know. And it's not nice. My manager gets jealous when the other departments use me, so she got anxious and called me up to finish the last half hour of my shift at my till.

Okay, the end.