Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sony SignUp

Biggest Loser!! Aka... Me :/

So I participated with my company in the Biggest Loser / Sony promotion thing. Here's how it worked:

When someone called in to vote on the show The Biggest Loser, they would vote and then after they would hear a voice say something like, "Press 1 now to find out about how you can save on [Blu Ray player, Digital Camera or EBook]". Then the person pressed 1 and it rang and someone in my building answered. I was there from 6 till 11:30 after a full 8-5 shift... it was crazy. Unfortunately for me, they had some technical difficulties and my line was malfunctioning and when people called in I couldn't hear them; silent calls. So they had me log off after a while but didn't tell me to leave, so i hung around and talked to all the other reps and it became like a big party for me. It was okay. I got payed overtime and a $35 bonus, so all is well. It was fun.

Business as Usual
So it's Wednesday. That means that i have 2 more days of training and then on Monday, i "Hit the floor"... "Go live"... aka get in my cubicle and start taking calls and racking in the commission. This and last week have been intense systems training. I'm pretty confident that I'll be okay because I'm learning quick enough that the teacher is having me go around and help people. Makes me feel good.

Being Wednesday also means that i work at Albertson's from 6-11. That will most likely be my forever Wednesday deal. I can do that once a week, but i wouldn't do any more than that.

Building Inventory
So Circuit City is kaput. Sad them. I went there during their final week and bought myself a pack of blank DVD's and a medium sized DVD case. Last night Clark let us come over and finish watching the last Matrix with him and i burned all 5 Harry Potters and Transformers. I'm excited. I've already bought some movies, but i don't think I'll do that anymore :D

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Deeper and Deeper

So this is the second Tuesday of my training. Turns out that we're on the express training which has been cut down to 3 weeks instead of 5, which is good because i would go crazy. First week was pretty much an introduction to everything and now we're getting more into serious systems training. Sometimes it's frustrating because i can see the people in front of me, one in particular, browsing the Internet on various distractions and then when she decides to come back from her diversion, she'll instantly interrupt the teacher and say she's confused and lost and it's too complicated and demand to get caught up. I can already pick out a handful of people who I'm betting wont be successful here. Some people are just silly. I am catching on quite well. I'm still confident and excited to see how i do on the floor in a couple weeks.

Something exciting:The Biggest Loser show is having some event and has contracted DAC (Direct Alliance Corp.) to take the inbound sales calls. They made the announcement to all employees and anyone could sign up to participate. Of course i jumped all over the opportunity to get my feet wet. Its tonight from 6 till 11:30. I get paid overtime plus a $35 bonus. I still have training from 8 - 5, so it's a full day, but why not? I really don't have a reason not to. I'm very excited. I'll definitely blog about my experience.

Also... I have to choose my benefits plan. I only have a couple more weeks to do it. If any of you would like to help me do that please let me know and we'll schedule a time to meet up. I would appreciate that.