Wednesday, January 7, 2009

His People

Kelsey Grammer......has internet in his Malibu house because of me. That's right. "His people" called me today and I set him up with 16M High Speed Charter Internet Service at his Malibu place and billed it to his LA mansion. I must admit that i googled both addresses after and wow... this man probably has golden toilet paper.

And PS. I'm doing extremly well at work as one of the top sales reps there. Just thought I'd share so you can all be so proud of me :D

Monday, January 5, 2009

Matrix Philosophy

I want to take a philosophy class. Does anyone have any favorite philosophers? I would recognize names, but not what they teach. Is Ayn Rand a philosopher? I think so... if she is then she's the only one who's works I've read. I really like her ideas and i think they're productive, but still very carnal. She doesn't seem to be concerned with anything that's intangible.

I was watching the Matrix and I realized that all the good philosophy comes from the bad guys. The good guys have a few good lines and Morpheus seems to know things, but he's a tool. His knowledge is only relevant to duty and what must be done. As far as the really deep juicy functions of reality and existence... those things are discussed by the "bad guys." I think this is because we're afraid of it. The Merovingian mentions that there is no choice. I think that choice and action/reaction is really what interests me. The Oracle tells Neo that he has these choices and she can't tell him what's going to happen because she can't see beyond the choice, but then later reveals that the choices have already been made and that Neo is only there to understand why. Are we really "free"? Can we change anything or is everything already laid out and we're just falling into place like dominoes? Personally i think we are just experiencing life... not controlling it.It's an interesting task to try and label the characters as "good" and "bad". You think that the Oracle is good because she's pleasant and seems to be a mentor or guide, but really, she is a deceiver. Someone who tells people what they need to hear and nothing more. A manipulator. She is also the opposite of the "Architect." Meaning she is the destroyer. She is the representation of chaos. She was the ultimate victor. She got what she wanted. Chaos. Chaos is what destroyed the "programs" and freed the humans from bondage. Her ability to calculate the consequences to actions gave her foresight which was worshiped by those who couldn't. Knowledge was the only power. During the great last battle between Neo, the "Savior" and his opposite, the "Tyrant", think about who won that fight. Agent Smith was the champion. He was holding back. He was only using a minuscule fraction of his power. He controlled the whole world but only used one of his minions to fight Neo so that "the rest of [him] could just enjoy the show." He got confused and frustrated so he used his overwriting abilities to absolve Neo. He succeeded. He consumed him and took on his strengths, but Neo's strength was really his knowledge and sacrifice. The darkness was unable to consume the light and the light, being consumed by the darkness, penetrated every part and reset the Matrix. Neo was the end and the beginning. Obviously I'm not worshiping Neo, but i think these are fantastic representations of philosophy. Anyway, i just had to share my thoughts so that i can rest my mind and sleep. Thanks for reading. Please reply if you have any thoughts on this subject.

If you don't know what i was talking about, go watch the Matrix movies.