Saturday, February 28, 2009

Martha For Sale

* 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee Loredo *
You know you want her.

188k Miles, amazingly comfortable and loads of space inside. I'm starting the price below Blue Book because there are some minor defects with things like the power doors and stereo. The car still runs great and in today's economy who can argue with an SUV for $2,000!

Call me with questions at (480) 258-XXXX

**Update: Car status=Sold

Saturday, February 21, 2009

My New Baby

I did it!
Scary stuff.

Some car dealers are liars. Unfortunate. But some are quality and they now have my money. It came down to an 06 Nissan Sentra or an 06 Mazda 3. The Nissan dealer was dishonest with me and I just liked the Mazda better so I paid a bit more for something nice.
06 Mazda 3**Loser**
06 Nissan Sentra**Loser**
08 Chevy Cobalt

I promise that it's just a coincidence that they're all red. Those were all about the same price with the Mazda a bit more. I spent about 6 hours getting a car yesterday. I guess I've been looking for about a week and I was just done. Sleazy dealers and me not knowing really what was going on, I just decided to narrow it down to my top two favorites and I talked to my dad and brother Dan on the phone and they educated me and dad came down and we made a decision.

I'm so glad that it's finally over!

I didn't trade my Jeep in, but I am selling it. I'm going to ask $3k from the general public but a special $2k price for you for reading my blog because I'm just cool like that. If you don't know, it's a '97 Jeep Grand Cherokee with a lot of love to give. Her name is Martha and she needs a new home. I'll post a picture later. Let me know if you're interested.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Digital Transition

So I work for a cable company and I have a lot of inside info into the digital transition so I thought it would be nice of me to share. I can't "copy and paste" the documents I have into public posts like this, but I can share what I know.

Before February 17th, and even still now, some cable and all antenna televisions get analog reception. The analog signal clogs up the airwaves for government and emergency communications and it is also unhealthy to have all that stuff floating around and microwaving our brains, so The Man (the FCC) has mandated a switch to digital which stays confined to the wires.

The date for the switch was February 17th, but the government ran out of converter box coupons and they just felt like being nice to people so they postponed the switch to June 12th. Pretty much everyone was ready for the February switch anyway, so companies will be switching over any time between those dates and even after that date some companies will leave a "night light" analog signal on for a while to throw a bone to everyone who isn't prepared.

Important Facts:
*If you are plugged in to cable through a cable provider with a digital tv set your service will not be interrupted. You do not need a converter box.
*If you have an antenna or basic cable you may still be able to receive an even more limited lineup at the charity of the provider for a limited time.
*Analog-only TV sets should still be able to receive the upgraded signal but at low power "Class A or translator television" lineup.
*You cannot make your antenna work with a converter box. You need to plug into cable.
*Some areas will lose Closed Captioning and TV Guide features in the basic lineup.
*Some areas will see their picture in a wider format with black bars on top and on bottom of the screen. This is not a cable provider issue, but the actual channel broadcaster's.

For more information, go to or

Crappy Channels

I just had a funny experience. A customer called and in a relatively upset tone he said,
"Hey, what's going on with my TV!?"
"I don't know. What is going on with your TV?" I said.
"Well, channel 4 is coming in crappy and channel 2 has been coming in crappy for weeks now and a few other channels are getting crappy reception..."
"Well," I said, "Let me get you to the Crappy Channel Department."
His frustration turned into a laugh and I sent him to technical support :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

थे हंटर [The Hunter]

I don't know why my titles keep being automatically translated into some middle eastern language. Strange.

So I am officially on the hunt. The story goes...

I noticed one morning that the wires were showing on my tire and I went the next day to get them replaced. $200 for two new tires. I kept one and got them rotated. The guy told me it was so bad because of my alignment, so I went to get it fixed. The grease monkey looked at my car and said that the arms on my wheels were whatever and whatever... It was going to cost me over $500 to get it fixed so I told him to give me my car back and get lost, then I sharpened my spear and went across the street to the closest dealership to start my hunt.

So far I have seen and liked:

2008 Chevy Cobalt $10k 20k miles
2008 Chevy Cobalt $9k 2 door 23k miles
2006 Nissan Sentra $10k 35k miles
2006 Nissan Sentra $8k ?miles (Private Seller)
I also saw a couple Versas that I likes but didn't really investigate much.

Now, I know these prices aren't the best and I plan to get more cars in my knowledge base and then let my dealer friends duel it out for my business.

What I'd like is a newer car. Preferably 2006 or newer with under 35k miles. Something small and definitive Commuter with great gas mileage. I'm quite ignorant about cars and prices and pretty much EVERYTHING to do with buying a car. If you have any advice for me, it would be appreciated. So far my dad, brothers and brothers-in-law have been great helps. Thanks guys and please let me know if you have any more advice for me. Also if you ever want to come with me to a dealer and be my wing man while I talk with a dealer that would be excellent.

I just talked with a coworker who was a car salesman in his previous employ. He gave me some tips and even offered to go with me to a dealer. Cool beans.

What I've learned is that dealers are pretty intense. The Nissan dealer kept me at the dealership for about 45 minutes or more and called me twice that night after I left and pretty much every day after. I haven't been able to catch his calls sense that day but I'd like to so that i can tell him that if he offers me $7k out the door then I'll drop whatever I'm doing and run over there.

Update: I bought a car! More info to come.

You guys are the best! Thanks again for all your help.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Damn Good

ब्राग Board

When I typed in Brag, it automatically turned it into "ब्राग". I don't know why, but there you have it. My title was meant to be:

Brag Board

I'm excited about my successes and I figure that my blog is a good place to brag about them.

So I was sitting down with my manager a couple weeks ago for the regular One on One thing and I was asking questions about sales figures and where I should be as far as numbers and another manager sat in and we were discussing it and my manager asked what my sales were like and I answered and she said, "That's very good." And the other manager said, "No, that's damn good!"

Of course that makes me feel good and I go on my merry way.

Then this week my manager comes up to me while I'm working and waits for me to finish my call. Kind of distracting and worrisome. I get off the phone and she tells me how she wants me to know how good I am at my job. She said that she was discussing with the other managers how under recognized I was and she told me that I was Number 1 in our group of about 20 and number 3 in the sales floor of about 65.

My program is a new program and it recently finished growing. Once it did, the management had to shift around every one's schedules so we filled out shift bids and numbered the available shifts from 1 to about 30 in order of desirability. Everyone was nervous and there was a buzz in the air because there are AAAAAAALLLL kinds of shifts including evening shifts and weekends. You probably didn't know but I've been working Saturdays and Sundays with Mondays and Fridays off for a bit over a month now. Of course I bid to have my Sundays off. They waited until the last minute the other day to tell everyone and before they were all passed out, my manager came up to me and showed me my new schedule. I now work 8-5 with Fridays and Sundays off. I was so happy and my manager said she was so worried and was relieved that I was happy with my schedule. I let her know that I was very, very happy. Later in the day I heard her go up to another of my coworkers and apologize to him for his schedule and let him know that they based it on sales and other sales numerics. I put one and one together and felt pretty good about myself.

There is only one manager on the floor on the weekends and yesterday, another group's manager was in charge and he came to me about mid day and waited till I was off a call. I don't know why I worry so much, but I was worried. Once I got off the phone he told me to set my phone to the "Coaching" setting which meant that he was going to coach me and him not being my actual manager made me think I was in trouble or something. He had me follow him to his desk and said, "I want to show you something." He then showed me the program on his computer that monitors all the other employees on the floor and how many calls are waiting to be answered. He said he wanted to go to lunch and that I was in charge. Woot!

So today is my last day working on a Sunday. Hopefully forever. I don't know what I did to deserve it, but I'm blessed.