Friday, April 10, 2009

I Love

I do a lot of attacking in my posts. I've talked about people and policies that tick me off. I was reading something last night that our man Obama was doing and I said to Angela, "I know what I'm blogging about next." But I was thinking, maybe I'll talk about that later. I wanted to post about things that make me happy. Small and big. I went hiking today with Angela and Karina, Angela's sister. We went up to Strawberry, past Pason.I pointed out how nice it was to be out of the city. On the way back, we were huffing and puffing up the mountain but the air was clean and easy on my lungs. It was nice. The sky was blue and the horizon wasn't brown. We saw a snake and Angela screamed. That was awesome. The other day I was sitting by the "Numbers Board" at work taking notes on where I can improve and one of the other team's managers commented on how well I was doing. Not many words, but a quick, passing acknowledgement of my success. I like trying and succeeding. Especially at work.

A little while ago Angela took me to a little place called Pop's Soda Shop and I got some obscurely branded Root Bears and a couple Vernor's Ginger Ale in old fashioned glass bottles. I love Root Bear and ice cold Vernor's Ginger Ale.

On Wednesdays I work until 11 at Albertsons after working a regular day at Direct Alliance and when I get home I'm really tired and just want to go to bed. About that time is when my babies are awake and doing their thing. When I come in, Babs climbs all over the cage, trying to get my attention and she melts my heart every time so I take her out and hold her against my chest and she'll squirm around because she wants to play so I put her back in her cage and let her chase my hand around inside or maybe I'll put her in her ball and lay on the floor, letting her run her ball into my face.
I love Babs.

On the bottom of my Blog I have a playlist with my favorite music. There are quite a few songs on there from Hip Hop to Christian Contemporary and everything in between. I suggest, if you have some time, take a listen. Maybe put it on while you're doing other things online and see what you think. I love music that I can sing to or gets my head bobbing or makes me feel uplifted or makes me think deep or maybe just puts me in a fun mood. This is the kind of music I love.

At a young age, my brother Daniel got me into Superman and ever sense then I've been a superhero fanatic and connoisseur. My brothers and sister and I used to watch Lois and Clark every Sunday night together and I really looked forward to it. I would borrow my brothers comics and eventually I got my own. I love Superman, the X-Men, my City of Heroes PC game and I am a loyal watcher of the show Heroes. I know the histories and powers of a practically limitless amount of comic book heroes and villains. Each scenario is an exaggeration of some kind of real life drama. Other than being serious, it's sometimes just an escape from the rigged structure of reality and lets me go somewhere where anything that you think of can happen. I wrote a poem about this interest of mine actually:
Entitled Escapism

I am average when I am at home
I write stories and rhyme and poem
When my world is mundane and a bore
When reality is cold and a chore
I am superhuman when I close my eyes
I fight the villains and fly through the skies
I escape into a new reality
When there is trouble, I am the remedy
With my cape I fight my battle
The laws and bondage of physics I rattle
My fame and my name are widely spoken
The sleeping villains are awoken
There are heroes in my imagination
When they save the damsel, one comes to know elation
Free flow of ideas in tragedy
Control of elements
Fantastic powers and might
I can go back when I am done
Saving the world is all in good fun
When life calls and reality is in need
I am no fool, for their voices I heed

As mentioned in my poem, I love stories and writing. I love imagining and writing about new, complex characters. People who are flawed yet heroic. Who don't quite fit the mold of a pure hero but are more relateable. Maybe one that makes more mistakes than he does good. Any kind of character, not just heroes, but villains too. I love the real complex villains that you can almost relate to. The one's who have real noble goals, but maybe corrupt methods. I wrote a short stories and posted it on my facebook. You can read it here if you have a facebook too.

Sad truth: The only worthwhile class that I've earned an A in has been Psychology. I love that subject. I love understanding why people do things the way they do. I love the idea of being able to predict, correct or control behavior. Being able to control it is kind of scary and a lot of bad people use that power to their advantage, but I think that if people as a whole studied Psychology, then the world would be a more balanced, understanding, productive place. We would know how to raise children. We wouldn't have so much prejudice, racial or other, if people took the time to try and understand why people are the way they are. We'd understand why we, ourselves, make mistakes and stop blaming others causing wars and unfairness. People can preach love and tolerance until their blue in the face, but honestly, I believe that those things are unachievable without real, practical, honest understanding. We could all be more at peace with ourselves and the world if we understood the human brain. I don't mean acceptance. Just peace. I love Psychology.

I love Angela. I've known Angela for a year and a half and she has been my girlfriend for all minus one month of that time. I realized that I loved her only a few months after we started dating and I remember the first time I told her that I loved her. I don't know if she does, but I do. I told her that I didn't really know what love is, but that for the past week or so, I had been suppressing the urge to tell her that I loved her and I didn't want to hold it back anymore. I'm not very good with words when it comes to stuff like that, but she said she felt the same, and that was it for us. When she's sad, I'm sad. When she's happy, it seems like the whole world smiles with us. I may not be the world's greatest boyfriend. I have my faults and I've learned more about them than I ever really wanted to... But I know what love is. Love is holding hands and feeling like she's just an extension of my own body. It's the smile that shines so bright that nothing else can be seen. It's a laugh that's contagious. It's doing something to hurt her and feeling like the world is in darkness and that life has no purpose until you've made it right again. Love is the sharp pain, deep in the back of the stomach that comes when you haven't seen her in a couple days. Love is finding something awesome and wanting to share it with her. It's the motivation to be someone worthy of her. Love is the lonely feeling in the car when she's not in the passenger seat. It's cuddling. It's the excitement I feel as I walk in her house and the spotlight heaven shines on her as she walks down the driveway to my car. I love Angela.

I love a lot of things and could go on and on. Thanks for reading.