Tuesday, April 21, 2009

PlatinumClub AoM

So... I got Associate of the Month for March. Woot :D

They took my picture to put up on the Platinum Club wall and gave me a parking pass to park in the special AoM area.

I already know that I'm not going to get it for April because I'm spending the first half of the day as floor support for the new group of part-timers that just got out of training and Support Staff aren't eligible for AoM. I'm still sales, so if they seem to not need me I'll make a few sales calls and once they're more comfortable on the floor I'll just go back to full time Sales. Although there is a current outbound/administrative group in our department that will soon be learning the sales systems and will need support once they're out of training so I imagine they'll ask me to help out again. I really enjoy it actually.

My manager told me that she wants me to sign up for all the Sales Training Classes called the Boost Program and then by the time I'm done with all those they will be starting the management training program and that I should do that or I'll have the choice to do the Trainer training classes which are interesting to me as well. We shall see. That wont be for a few months still.

Time to bust out...
the Gold Star