Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Word from the Cable Guy

If you didn't know, I sell communications; Charter Communications. That includes cable, internet and phone.

If you want to get a good deal while signing up for Cox, Charter, Quest, Comcast, Time Warner, or any other communications company I'll give you some pointers from the inside. First off, there are no guarantees. You may just get a sales rep who wants to milk the sale for all it's worth, so calling in a few different times to get quotes is a good practice. I'm the type that typically wont give you a good deal, but I have been known to on very rare occasions to girls with sweet voices.

Here are some tips.

1) Be nice to whoever you talk to. Laugh and chat a bit, but don't waste too much of their time. They want to be quick. It's up to you to get them in a good mood in a short time.

2) Most of the time you can get a better deal if you ask. They may say no at first, but ask again. Don't just ask passively, but say something like how you're really poor and how you know there are better deals, but say it like you're talking to your best friend.3) Usually, communication sales reps work under commission so they are less excited to help you get "deals" so it's good practice to look around online beforehand and see what offers there are and maybe even call in and tell the rep that you're just looking for information and not to buy. This way they're more likely to tell you the best deals and then you can call in a couple times to ask different reps and when someone quotes you a good, low price, take it.

4) Remember that there are scum bags out there who may be dishonest. After placing an order, call in to the billing department and ask them what you're signed up for and make sure that the rep gave you the deal he said and didn't tack on any unnecessary maintenance charges or anything like that. Remember to get the names and numbers of departments for everyone you talk to.5) Be understanding that there are also new people who may do it wrong out of genuine ignorance, so don't call in and freak out at someone because someone else messed up. That really ticks us off and we're likely to hang up on you or put you on "hold" and just never come back.

6) If you feel comfortable doing it, you can call in and say you want to sign up and when they quote you a price you can say something like, "Well, I talked to (insert made up name here) and they said (insert a price $10 less than what you were quoted)." Then see what the rep does.7) I don't know about other companies, but with Charter, there are lots of online promotions like $150 gift cards or free modems and routers after rebate, etc. So find out before you just call in out of the blue and sign up.

8) If you already have cable, internet, or phone and your introductory promotional rates expired, you can call into the retention department and tell them that you're thinking about switching over to their competitor and they'll most likely strike a deal with you.9) Another trick in getting back into promotional rates is downgrading your services back down to the very basic, wait for a month to pass and then call the sales department to do an upgrade and make sure you get back into a promotion that will last you 6 months to a year. This is better than canceling and restarting because you will avoid credit checks and installation charges, etc.

10) If you happen to reach me when ordering your services and you're saying numbers, don't say "Oh" instead of "Zero" because that annoys me to no end and I will get you the highest price I can.