Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Poetic Observation

Written last year, this entry was inspired by my calculus class in all of its ridiculousness. The teacher taught from slides and the left door was covertly locked. This was the first thing that I wrote in my notebook for that semester and it is heretoforerepresented in exactness.

Calculus is My Favorite!

We learn this magical art from the mystical blue screen of death! Our first task is to enter through the right door! But first, one must travel through the perilous construction... with no hard hat!

Oh the melodramatic insanity! Oh the bitter trial! Oh the majestic classroom which is the destruction of many a hopeful prodigy!

To calculate or not to calculate!? Is that even a question? Oh to take the complexities of this world and represent them! Represent as numbers and symbols and symbols for numbers. All of this in effort to simplify and quantify.

Oh retched door. The mocking blockade. The damning force. The vicious guardian with... no quantifiable purpose.