Monday, January 31, 2011

Sarcastic and Offensive

Topic being discussed in my computer class:

Piracy of software and music. Unethical? My argument as to why it is just fine and dandy.

Topic: File Swapping Ethics
Downloading free music, movies, and other electronic media from the Internet, although illegal, still occurs by using sites such as Limewire and Bit Torrents. Please share your thoughts to the following question:

Discuss the differences you see between sharing music files online and sharing CD's with your friends?

My Response:
I don't see any difference between sharing CD's and sharing music files. They are one in the same in my book.

If I try and stretch my brain to describe the difference I just sound ridiculous. If I think of a pretty poem, wrote it down and give it to you and then your friend looks at it and copies it onto his own paper, that's fine. If I take that poem and compose it in an email and send that to you and you forward it to you friend is that not fine? That is how I see sharing CD's and sharing music files. Same thing and trying to distinguish them only makes someone sound angry and possessive.

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Topic: Privacy Question
Which is more important to you: protecting the United States from potential terrorists by surrendering some personal privacy or keeping all of your personal privacy rights?

It is delusional for anyone to think that they have "privacy rights." If you post your thoughts on Facebook or if you type your questions into Google, you are sending that information over the World Wide Web! It is not a private thing and to think that is ignorance. Even talking on the phone sends your conversations through some server, a satellite, and who knows where else before it reaches the phone on the other end.

The only information that is truly private is the information that we as the originators of that information choose not to share. End of story. The government has all the right in the world to tap into the vast pool of publicly shared information that is the internet.
Rights are directly proportionate to abilities. They can, so they can.

More Questions

Topic: Pirating Software
My Stance: Go for it!

1) Q. Is it okay to borrow the software? A. Yes, although I would argue that there is no "borrowing" that happens in software piracy.

2) Q. Would it be okay if you uninstall-ed the application after use? A. Sure, but what's the point? You used it. Its software. Its not like you stole someone's car. Software can be replicated to the infinity times and it wont change one darn thing in the universe.

3) Q. Would it be okay if the software was on the school's network and you could copy it from there? A. These questions are self-discrediting. How about asking if the software was created in Japan, shipped to Guatemala, stored on a floppy disk that was pink and then given to your brother as a gift. Your brother then installed it on his computer but the computer exploded. You found the floppy disk amidst the rubble and converted it to a CD. The CD was then re-gifted to your school, leaked to a student, posted on a torrent, and then re-downloaded by the Japanese software designer's hacker son who tweeted about it. Is it okay for you to use it then? Point. End case.