Thursday, March 24, 2011

Did Something

First was conformity, then there was frustration. After frustration came epiphany and following that... Action!

I did something.
I've been posting angry posts for a while because I had a long frustration phase and kind of a back and forth epiphany phase. I figured that I was a hypocrite for having realized what I truly wanted to do while carrying on with what I had always done.

What I did: I dropped all my classes.


Don't worry. I didn't drop dance.

I've printed off the classes that are required for the Creative Writing program and I am excited to start. I looked at the classes and I just started laughing. Its like play time! Each one of the classes is exciting and interesting and I can't wait to have the skills to express all the muttle that is in my head.

So, I will do most of them online, giving me time in the day to work full time, lay in the sun, find a girly to fulfill my "make out with beautiful women" goal, and then finally spend my evenings fwapping away at the keyboard.

Things to look forward to:

I've been writing for a little while and actually have things finished. Perhaps I'll get to posting them on here. I might also post cool tips and techniques that I learn. Perhaps I'll make a second blog dedicated to this. I'll let you all know.