Monday, June 27, 2016

My Favorite YouTube Channels

YouTube is my primary source of entertainment and education and so I want to share with you my favorite YouTube channels and content creators.


If you want to be motivated to be a healthier, happier, more active person... Casey is your man! He is a daily vlogger and arguably the most talented person on YouTube. He is a wildly successful filmmaker and entrepreneur. He films a large portion of his videos while riding a motorized skateboard down the streets of NY, talking about or creating interesting things in his eclectic studio, or spending time with his wife and kids.

Also, he won YouTuber of the year for 2015, so he's a big deal.

Phil's main show is him talking to a camera from a set, much like a YouTube version of a news room; more colorful and casual. He discusses newsworthy items from world news to internet news and while that sounds boring, it's Phil's personality that shines through that is most appealing.

John Oliver's YouTube channel is full of 10 to 20 minute clips from his HBO show LastWeekTonight. He covers globally important topics and expounds on them with highly researched facts all wrapped up in his quirky British personality. His videos are both informative, motivating, and hysterical.


Produced by PBS and lead by successful video creators Hank and John Green, CrashCourse is the most academic channel out there with easy to follow, comprehensive playlists of videos by subject including astronomy, biology, literature, philosophy, economics, and more. Their videos are easy to digest educational segments with knowledgeable hosts, top notch graphics, and practical information for any age.

Just like the name implies, this channel explores deep, complex concepts about time and space including gravity, quantum mechanics, the origin of mater, dark energy and more. Also produced by PBS, the charisma of the host Matt O'Dowd is perfectly paired with the complex and interesting content.

100% animated, this channel explores "heavy" topics such as the origin of life and the limits of humanity including all the possible ends of life as we know it. It explains quantum computing and black holes as well as terrorism, war, and the dying off of the bees. These guys ask the big questions and they'll have you thinking about their videos long after you've watched them.

These guys simply make interesting videos, but what I like about them are the series they did having Bill Nye and Michio Kaku answer common science questions.

Pop Culture

If you like movies or TV, chances are good that your favorite actors have all been on this show. Graham Norton is a flamboyant host able to get the most interesting stories out of the most interesting people in film.

Made popular by Thug Notes, gangster style summaries of classical literature, I enjoy this channel for its segment called Earthling Cinema where the host explains popular movies from the perspective of an alien race who found earth films long after humans have been dead. It just might make you see your favorite films differently.

Simply put, this channel has movie stuff: trailers, news, and trivia. Pretty straight forward, but they do a good job at it.

This is a very laid back, black and white show where the host, a photographer, interviews the celebrities he's photographing and gets serious responses from even the most slap-stick actors including Will Ferrell, Aubrey Plaza, John Krasinski, and pretty much everyone.

These are just a few of my personal favorites. Let me know what your favorites are in the comments.