Friday, January 18, 2019

Marketing Your One-Person Business: The Basics


I get excited when my friends tell me they have their own side business or that they've gone all in on working for themselves. I often have the same conversations with those people about how they could be marketing themselves for free and, after a long monologue, I see the glazed over look in their eyes and realize that I've just done a massive info dump of tips I've gathered over my decade-long jaunt through marketing.

For this purpose, I've written this very basic introduction into online marketing essentials for your personal business. If this guide is too basic for you, stick around. I'll publish more in-depth articles soon.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Understanding The Christian God, Trinity v. Godhead

Inspiration From God

There will always be more questions than answers when thinking about the nature of God. How can a human brain be sophisticated enough to understand its creator? That being the case, hope is not lost. We're lucky enough to have thousands of years of human interaction with God recorded in the scriptures and I wanted to share a video that I think explains this quite well.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Ideal PPC Team Hierarchy: Senior Strategist & Junior Specialist

PPC Team Hierarchy
Are you wondering if you have the most efficient PPC team setup? I've been on a few, and I want to tell you what I've seen work the best. Stick around and I'll also tell you some horror stories that may serve as a cautionary tale.

My favorite structure is pairing a senior level PPC Strategist with one or many junior level Specialists. The idea here is that you can increase the impact of one talented person by alleviating them of tedious tasks. The pay gap can be quite significant, saving you money, and providing your team with career advancement opportunity. I'll explain who these people are and how I recommend breaking out the responsibilities.


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