Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Understanding The Christian God; Trinity v. Godhead

Understanding The Christian God, Trinity v. Godhead

Inspiration From God

There will always be more questions than answers when thinking about the nature of God. How can a human brain be sophisticated enough to understand its creator? That being the case, hope is not lost. We're lucky enough to have thousands of years of human interaction with God recorded in the scriptures and I wanted to share a video that I think explains this quite well.

Being Three, One, Jesus, & Inside Us

The scriptures tell us that God is three and also that He's one. It says He lives in us but also He is Jesus. This idea has caused division even within Christianity as a whole. So much so, that if one Christian believes something about the nature of God that is different enough than another Christian's beliefs, they often accuse eachother of not even being Christian at all. As a member of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints, I get this a lot.

This video was created by a non-denominational organization called The Bible Project, and I think it does a wonderful job exploring our human perspective on what God really is.

The Trinity & The Godhead

That God is One and also Three is clearly stated in the Bible, but what that really means varies depending on who you ask. Most Christians accept the term The Holy Trinity which means that God can manifest as three separate beings here on earth, but ultimately He is one singular being. On the other hand, The Godhead is the idea that God is a term referring to the "single-mindedness" of three distinct beings, The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, unified in purpose.

Which one is true lays in the faith of those who find their own answers through independent study and prayer. As for me, I believe that The Godhead description is the most accurate.

No One Can Convince Anyone

There's only one thing that we all know about God with absolute certainty; that He doesn't force His presence on us.

Countless individuals thru all of human history have claimed to have witnessed Him in some way. A dozen witnesses in a court of law could convict you of a crime, but millions of witnesses of encounters with God just doesn't cut it. Why is that? I believe that is is because our brains aren't powerful enough to understand God, but there is something about us that is able to experience him. I think this is very well explored in the philosophy of Mary's room.

Experiencing God is like Mary experiencing the vibrant colors of the world and retelling that experience to others is received in the way Mary received her technical knowledge of what color is.

My point is that if this notion of God has existed as long as humanity itself, perhaps we shouldn't be so arrogant to think that we're the one who discovered that it was all a sham. Perhaps we should be brave like Mary; venture off into the world of color and accept that if we do experience God, it won't be an objective experience.

It might just change our understanding of the entire universe... wouldn't that be something.


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